Why Everyone Needs a Tribe
Do Essential Oils Matter?
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Just as you may prioritize healthy eating and exercise, you need to prioritize quality time with loved ones and a tribe of accepting people who LOVE you. How in the world will you ever be able to love yourself if those around you do not love you?

The oils bring us together. It’s our shared interest. We all desire to be healthier. It’s our shared interest. We come together, and we change each other for the better. That’s who we are.

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How Did The Oil Tribe Start?

Greetings from Ashley, The Oil Tribe founder. Today I want to tell a short story to the readers of this blog. This story is about Young Living's absolutely solid platform

Why You Need a Tribe

  Let’s trace back. Pick any time that is considered an ancestral time. A time when people were embedded with laborious work. Cold in the winter. Hot in

Practice Makes Perfect

Many times I am asked why the oils have changed me so much. I am asked this so much that I decided to teach science classes about it.

What is Science’s Stance on Aromatherapy?

Have you ever wondered why this phenomena occurs daily in our lives? Because when fragrance is inhaled, the odor molecules travel up the nose where they are trapped

It’s All About The Base: Recipe Ideas

You have made the base, now what else can you make with it? Forgot how to make The Base? Click HERE to get the recipe! Waterproof  Sunscreen (2

Do Essential Oils Help Build Your Health?

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your essential oils. No wait, I hope you are more than enjoying them.....I hope you have discovered how they truly help

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Ashley G

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Ashley G grew up in Texas and Mississippi sourcing her food as much as possible. From food growth to dairy farming, her sustainable caring roots run deep. Now she lives in Virginia Beach on a 5 acre permaculture farm, homeschools her 4 boys and founded a functional medicine firm to help people transform their lives. She also owns an essential oil skincare line based on her farm. Her education includes a B.S. from the U.S. Naval Academy, Permaculture education from Cornell, and Functional Medicine training from The Kresser Institute.
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