Hi everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your essential oils. No wait, I hope you are more than enjoying them…..I hope you have discovered how they truly help RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH. Miracle after miracle in my house makes me want to climb to an even higher mountain than before to squeal my excitement for this health tool. Yes, I love having a nice-smelling home. Yes, I love making my skin look better. Yes, I love cleaning without chemicals. What I love most is the continuous stream of efficacy with these oils. One issue after another! Each day with 4 young boys living on our farm, we encounter numerous issues where I find myself digging into my research books to answers the question, “Oh! Is there an oil for this???” I have yet to be failed with the results from my findings and the safe use of my precious essential oils. That, Oil Tribe members, is efficacy. 10 years in the natural health field, and my essential oil acquisition is by far the most profound change that I have experienced. After digging into organic chemistry text books along with clinical, peer-reviewed, and epidemiological studies, I understand why. Essential oils do not provide a golden ticket by any means, but they are your #1 gateway, meaning heart and mind opener, to craving health.

Have you discovered this yet with your oils? The collection you now own is so much more than what you probably think it is. Your Oil Tribe members are present and ready to teach you how to use your oils safely and optimally to build your health. That is why The Oil Tribe exists. To support you. To love you. To literally lift you up through joining forces, and change ourselves for the better. I know those statements sound lofty. Really, I do. We live in a chaotic world, and we are ingrained in a culture of unhealthy habits ranging from eating to living day to day.  It literally is going to require a village to change yourself…to change the world. Let’s start with you and go from there.


In this tribe, we are always working to form new, sustainable healthy habits. Habits that will become the new defining attributes to your culture. Jump on in. What do you need to do? 

  1. FOOD:  I have two weeks of meal plans laid out for you on our Facebook group. These meals are mostly grain-free with a few nutrient-dense grains allowed. The meal plan focuses on ditching the sugar and processed foods once and for all. I developed this plan with a nutritionist tribe member under strict requirements to keep the recipes simple, fast (or crock-pot), and most importantly, savory to the senses. The mouthwatering meals will help curb those sugar cravings during the withdrawal period. If you are not in our Facebook group, let me know! I will send you the meal plan via email instead.
  2. ESSENTIAL OILS USE: Each day upon waking, we are diffusing for at least 30 minutes. We freshen our breath by oil pulling (read more abut oil pulling here) with our favorite detox-supporting oil added, and following it with the weight loss trio. This part is optional since ingesting oils is not for everyone. Some people just prefer not to. That’s your call! Ingesting oils for adults possesses the ability to help as long as administration is safe and under proper guidance.  We are also drinking NingXia Red each morning (I add the weight loss trio to it), but that part is also optional. NingXia Red is by far the most effective way to increase your daily antioxidant intake because wolfberries stand out as the highest ranked antioxidant food. We wear our oils when out and about to better-cope with modern life. We diffuse before bed to keep our cell receptor sites clean and cell regeneration healthy.
  3. EXERCISE: As a group, we are working out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the FREE Nike Training Club program. The workouts are catered towards all levels of fitness, with three different levels provided.

What did I miss? If you think of something, ask your closest tribe member or contact me directly. Please accept my love and warmth to each of you as we join together in this crucial journey in both raising ourselves and our little ones. Yes, we may be all grown up, but for many of us, we are starting over fresh to become better and healthier. Cheers to each of you. I am beyond humbled to be part of this change with you. For that I thank you. You nurture my soul by allowing me to help you build your health.

Let’s keep changing ourselves and the world together,

Ashley G

People Not Things