The Base

Meet, The Base. This is a staple for an oiler. It is empowering to make all of your health and beauty products, but it has to be SIMPLE. How do you keep the process simple? You make The Base, and you put it in a really big bowl (with a lid). You keep The Base on hand at all times, and you make your products as you come across new ideas.

What can you make with The Base?

  • Moisturizing Lotion
  • Wrinkle Cream
  • Deodorant
  • Sleep Cream
  • Baby Bum Lotion
  • Relieving Cream (for mysterious rashes)
  • Infection-fighting Cream
  • Pain Cream
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Bite Relief Lotion
  • Oh the list goes on, my friends…..

So as you can see, keeping a pre-made base on hand as a launching point for all of your essential oil healing products is the secret to sustainable product making. If you had to make the full recipe each time you wanted to sit down and make a new product, that process would wear on you over time. At least it would me! The Base follows the KISS principle in full. Yes there are many many ways to make The Base, but this is what I make and what my customers love. That is why I am sharing it with you! Empower yourself with simplicity and healing.


  1. naturally-refined shea butter
  2. organic coconut oil
  3. sweet almond oil OR grapeseed oil OR avocado oil OR any other skincare oil of your choice (rosehip oil, argan oil, vegetable glycerin….)
  4. Vitamin E oil
  5. A really big glass bowl with a lid
  6. glass measuring cup
  7. double boiler (that means a pot filled about 1/3rd with water on medium heat)
  8. hand mixer and some muscle

Ingredients (based on a ratio so you can determine your yield)

  1. 4 cups naturally-refined shea butter
  2. 1/8 cup organic coconut oil
  3. 1/8 cup grapeseed oil (that is the oil I chose for the base pictured above)
  4. 1 tsp vitamin E oil (the grapeseed oil also contains Vit E oil, so I don’t need as much)

Method (takes approx 10 min to make)

  1. Melt the coconut oil in the double boiler (do not allow temperature to exceed 170 degrees or the therapeutic properties of the coconut oil may be compromised).
  2. Meanwhile, extract shea butter into a large glass bowl.
  3. Pour melted coconut oil into shea butter and immediately whip on medium speed into the shea butter.
  4. Pour sweet almond oil and Vitamin E oil into the shea butter and whip on medium speed into the shea butter.
  5. Once mixed together and consistency softens, switch speed to high and whip for 5 minutes until fluffy like a marshmallow.
  6. Adjust the consistency as needed.
  7. Apply the lid and store in a cool dry place until you are ready to extract for individual recipes.
  8. When you add essential oils for individual recipes, be sure to stir them in, not whip. These oils are amazing, and we need to be very gentle with them.

I am frequently asked why I don’t melt everything together, allow it to harden back up in the refrigerator, and then whip. Two reasons:

  1. I prefer to avoid dramatic temperature variations with my homemade healing products. Temperature changes may alter the therapeutic properties of the ingredients. I prefer to keep as many ingredients as possible at room temperature. I only melt the coconut oil because if I didn’t, the lotion would have granules in it.
  2. I prefer to keep the steps minimal, and the time making products short and sweet.  Melting, cooling in fridge, and then whipping takes 4 times as long to make The Base. Time is short on my full-time working farm. Time is short for all of us no matter what our life encompasses. I need to be able to make The Base in 10 minutes so I can go outside and play!

Need recipe ideas? Well first, get your oils HERE to begin the journey, and then contact me. Or contact me HERE, then get your oils!  I will share any and all with you.