Practice Makes Perfect

Many times I am asked why the oils have changed me so much. I am asked this so much that I decided to teach science classes about it. You can read some of this science here.

Practice makes perfect. We have heard that phrase hundreds, if not thousands of times during our life. We all strive for perfection knowing we will not achieve it. Many times we inadvertently choose unhappiness, illness, sorrow, impatience, and other unhappy attachments during our life-long practice towards perfection. We do not mean to, but we have a culture driving us. Driving us to be busy. Driving us to stress eat. Driving us to plug in to avoid reality. Driving us to hurt and not really understand why because it’s deeply ingrained to be perceived as normal.

Driving us to the wrong practices.

My vote is to choose a different driver.

I would not have found the abilities within myself to joyfully pursue perfection through my life-long practice without the accidental use of Young Living’s Essential Oils. I mean it. Being the skeptic I was, am, and always will be, I bought my very first starter kit under very limited expectations. I mostly wanted to master the art of wonderful skincare, which I have done. What happened without realizing is that I de-gunked my body of so many cob webs that the world became clear. It became beautiful. It became emotional again after many years of being frozen in time. All of this happened because I developed a daily practice with my oils just to see what would happen. I committed myself to at least finding out. Now I am able to drive myself to a practice each day that feeds me healthy food. A practice that motivates me to remain active. A practice that slowed me down so much that I am able to stare frequently at my growing children in pure awe and amazement. A practice that makes me happy, not hurt. Golly, we have to change our Western culture. We just have to.

So this simple, short post is about you. I ask you to develop an essential oil practice, and see what happens. It took me two weeks to become a pure sap for these oils.  It is best to diffuse at least twice daily, preferably more.

To help you develop your practice, here are some ideas on how to use the oils from your starter kit:

A Day in the Life of an Oiler


Morning diffuser blends:
RC, Lemon plus Frankincense, Purification – Add Copaiba to any of these to enhance their effects
Evening diffuser blends:
Stress Away, Lavender plus Frankincense, Lavender – Add Copaiba to any of these to enhance their effects
Thieves, RC, Purification, Copaiba
Tummy troubles:
DiGize, Peppermint, Copaiba Frankincense, Lemon
Oh the list goes on…..ask me for more!


* dilute oils with a carrier oil made into a roller. General rule of thumb is 8-10 drops per oil in a 10ml roller
Pain: PanAway
Immunity: Thieves plus Lemon (apply only on bottom of feet to avoid skin irritation)
Skin: Lavender plus Frankincense
Female support: Lavender
Zit buster: Lemon plus Tea Tree
Allergy Trio: Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint (only use 4 drops of Peppermint, the rest 10)
Sleep Roller: Stress Away OR Lavender plus Frankincense


*begin with 2 drops of each oil and work your way possibly up to 5, or just stick with 2. I normally ingest all of my oils in either NingXia Red, a capsule, or water.
Weight loss trio: Lemon, Peppermint, Grapefruit (you can leave grapefruit out, and it will still do its job)
Immunity: Thieves plus Lemon


Laundry: Purification deodorizes laundry well. Add to either the washing machine or a wool ball in the dryer.
Deodorize carpet: Thieves or Purification
Cleaning: Thieves OR Lemon plus Tea Tree
Cuts and Scrapes: Apply Lavender, Tea Tree, and Frankincense undiluted to Bandaid. Change twice daily.
Repel bugs: Peppermint on cotton ball placed on vent intake. Peppermint also works well in the garden to repel pesky bugs.
Copaiba enhances the effects of all. Use it always during practice.

Ok, let me know how it goes!