Greetings from Ashley, The Oil Tribe founder. Today I want to tell a short story to the readers of this blog. This story is about Young Living’s absolutely solid platform and how that led me to fall deeply in love with essential oils finally after 8 years on my natural living journey, and why I then formed The Oil Tribe.

The Face of Young Living 2

It’s been 18 months since I started my journey with Young Living. I am proud to be a leader within the company. How many people do you know stick with ONE direct sales company and only ONE? How about this? How many people do you know have only ever worked for ONE direct sales company? Why is that? Because I did not start this journey to get a job and make money. Quite the opposite. I am a grassroots type of gal – I prefer to build from the ground up.  I own my own organic farm, skincare line, and functional medicine firm, so grassroots more than defines me. But, Young Living changed my entire life. I stand humbled and corrected about my previous judgment and cynicism pointed at direct sales companies.
About 3 years ago, I realized that I could not eat & exercise my way to health, but I truly did believe for many years that healthy food and tons of exercise could fix everything. Low and behold I was wrong, and I went on a search for efficacious therapeutic tools to help me with the over-bearing stress weighing down on me.  My research took me into the brain. Then, I discovered distilled aromatics in the scientific research as a GREAT way to cope with stress and encourage a healthy brain (they nurture the HPA-axis beautifully). So I had that piece of the puzzle complete, but then I was faced with the very CRAZY world of essential oil companies – hostility, passion, obsession, carelessness. The world of essential oils scared me because of all of the emotions flying around about brands and choices. I found myself finally grasping the direct sales model of business, and a huge light bulb went on for me. Those companies founded our economy before brick and mortar stores starting tearing down trees. Don’t get me wrong, I love storefronts and rely on them to survive, especially the grocery store! But when I see trees torn apart for more shopping plazas, I ALWAYS get tears in my eyes, and so do my children. There must be ways to slow that destruction down, right?
Once I gathered the list of available essential oil companies, I stepped back for 8 months and took my time deciding. I dug, and I dug deep. I sifted through as much data as I could about each company, and it came down to one main attribute – transparency. I cannot find complete transparency with anyone or anything beyond myself, but I was able to find a close fit. And I cannot be brainwashed. I call the bluff card when something is not right. My gut instinct yells at me to protect me.
At the time of my research, I had fully transitioned into biodynamic farming, and I knew what to look for when vetting these so called “organic essential oil companies.” I looked passed the people, bypassed their masks as best I could, and I looked at the actual farmers, the plants, and the soil for pieces of truth. I searched for proof that what they told everyone was true. I searched for proof that they were in fact dedicated biodynamic farmers and skilled distillers. I was very pleased with what I found within Young Living. I certainly found some other wonderful, friendly companies as well, and I applaud them for keeping this movement strong. I know what it is like to stand tall and mighty alongside other companies that are actually tall and mighty. Even so, as much as I wanted to support a small essential oil company because I too run small companies, no other company came close. There are GREAT companies out there trying really hard to achieve this level of transparency. Without owning the actual farms, they will continue to struggle. Trust me, I know. I trust very few partner farms to provide me with items I myself do not produce. And by very few I mean less than 5. But when it came down to my decision, I had to choose transparency and my gut instinct over the innate desire to support the smaller companies being one myself. After all, I was searching for a therapeutic tool to allow directly into my brain! That allowance eventually extended to my 4 children’s brains, and that decision HAD to be thorough if not for me, then for them!

So here we are 18 months later, and I do not have a single regret and only have countless shades of gratitude.
I don’t make “oil posts” very often, but I totally could and would every day if I wasn’t so busy sniffing my oils. So if you’re ready, dive into The Oil Tribe and never look back. Seriously, everyone LOVES being in the tribe.

I just want to make it as easy as possible for you to find a therapeutic tool that serves you well, but more so to find a tribe of people who have your back while you grow and learn. Read Why You Need a Tribe for a deeper look at that! Even after being in functional medicine school now for a year and countless exposure to other stress management resources, I still stand strong by my aromatic tool for finding peace amidst the noise and combating busy, modern life. Essential oils, especially when in the form of aromatics, are HANDS DOWN the best stress management tool I have ever, ever come across for myself, my family, my friends, and my clients. I ditched conventional tools for these issues over 10 years ago, so believe me, I have searched near and far for a looooooooong time. If you would like to join, follow this link and dive in with me and many others. The Oil Tribe is at almost 1000 members in just a year! Tell me that is not proof that this tribe will have your back. 🙂


Love to all reading this, no matter what your beliefs, convictions, or anything in between.